Soil Visions November 2018


The South Dakota Soil Health Coalition is extremely pleased to announce the three speakers who will be showcased at the 2019 Annual Meeting and Conference, January 22-23, on the campus of South Dakota State University (SDSU). Keith Berns of Green Cover Seed will speak both the evening of the 22nd as well…….

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Soil Visions May 2018


How Do you Build a Healthy Soil?
Managing for soil health must begin by changing the way you think about SOIL.
Although the details of how best to create high-quality soils differ from farm to farm and even field to field, the general approaches are the same…..

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Soil Visions September 2018


Is planting cover crops and grazing them profitable? When producers are weighing the pros and cons of cover crops, one hurdle brought up … economics. During these tight bottom line times, spending additional dollars without knowing the benefits deters producers from taking that next step. South Dakota State University conducted a survey….

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Soil Visions March 2018


The Cover Crop Decision Tools are an initiative by the MCCC to consolidate cover crop information by state to help farmers make cover crop selections at the county level. Information for each state/province is developed by a team of cover crop experts including university researchers, Extension educators, NRCS personnel, agriculture department personnel, crop advisors, seed suppliers and farmers. The team reviewed and….


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Soil Visions July 2018


Keep Living Root!
For some seeing the advantages of providing cover on the soil is more evident, than recognizing the benefits of living roots beneath the surface. The roots of living plants offer soil microbes their most reliable food source. Because soil microbes….

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Soil Visions January 2018


It is with great sadness that we reflect on the passing of Al Miron, South Dakota Soil Health Coalition (SDSHC) Board Member and one of South Dakota’s most influential soil health supporter and advocate. Al had been a member of the SDSHC board since its inception in 2015 and in this position, was….


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