Bryan Jorgensen, Ideal, SD


Terms Served: 2015-2017, 2018-2020 Board Member

Bryan Jorgensen, current Board Member, has been a contributing member of the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition since its inception in 2015. Bryan holds a bachelors of science in Mechanized Agriculture from South Dakota State University which he earned in 1987 and is a partner in “Jorgensen Land and Cattle”. A fourth-generation family owned and operated farm and ranch, the partnership includes Bryan’s brother Greg, nephew Cody, and son Nick. Together they run a hunting lodge, diverse cow/calf and bull development operation, as well as farm 12,000 acre no-till crop operation growing feed-stuffs, feed grains, and certified seed.

Soil Health practices utilized by Jorgensen throughout his operation include No-till, cover crops, diverse crop rotations, as well as livestock integration. He is also active in groups such as the South Dakota Crop Improvement Association, Nutrient Research and Education Council, Tripp County Water Users District Board of Directors, as well as the  USDA NRCS Voices for Soil Health and Soil Health Mentoring.

Jorgensen’s vision for the future of soil health is “To maximize production efficiency of our soil while re-generating the soil for future generations.”


Published on Apr 28, 2016

Bryan Jorgensen, with Jorgensen Partnership, Ideal, SD, shares his understanding of natural resources and production agriculture and the science behind the management decisions they are making on their diversified farming and ranching operation.



Published on Dec 10, 2015



Published on Nov 14, 2014

“Our idea is to maximize the use of our resource and at the same time protect and make it better for the next generation.”