Jamie Chalcraft, Soil Health Technician

Hi, my name is Jamie Chalcraft.  I am a Pierre, SD native and a proud mom of Curtis, my six-year old son. I have two sisters and one brother and graduated from TF Riggs High School in Pierre.  I received my degree in Agronomy from SDSU with minors in soil science and pest management. From a young age, I loved animals and the outdoors and dreamed of life on the farm. My parents always wished they could have raised us kids on the farm, the truth is, not everyone has the luxury of inheriting the family farm as was the case with my parents.  Both come from long standing family farms.  My son is named after my grandfather Curtis, a lifelong Lake County SD farmer / rancher.

When I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted to work in agriculture along with animals and the outdoors. My passion for sustaining the family farm and rural life continued to grow.  With that came my passion for soil health.  Soil is arguably agriculture’s greatest resource.

My previous work experience includes working for the SDDA surveying plants, pests and biological control programs, working for the USDA surveying grasshoppers, working for the coop as an agronomy intern, and finally working for SDSU and the SDSR & PC Soybean on-farm research. Overall, my greatest joy is the people of agriculture.  I strive to provide quality service to our farmers through education and outreach and my work as a soil health technician. I am so looking forward to working with many of you and helping you to be successful and think outside the box on the family farm or ranch.


Jamie Chalcraft

Jamie Chalcraft

Soil Health Technician

Contact Information: 

Office-Pierre USDA-NRCS Field Office
(605) 280-4199