Jim Schneider, Soil Health Technician

Hi there.  I’m Jim Schneider; farm boy, agronomist, and proud dad of Ty, my 16-year old son.  I recently moved to Gettysburg, SD which happens to be my home town.  I was raised on a diversified farm a few miles west of town.  Like many farm kids in those days I learned to drive a stick shift before learning an automatic.  This took place in the middle of a vacant pasture and at an age where I had to scoot up almost past the edge of the seat in order to clutch.  I was involved in most of the farm work but what I remember most vividly is working summer fallow and the soil left in the bottom of the bath tub after clean-up.  I remember the dust blowing in the wind and the parched crops which desperately hung on as well as possible when rain was short.

I attended South Dakota State University where I graduated with a Bachelors’ degree in Ag. Business and a Masters’ degree in Agronomy.  I have a lengthy resume listing different positions I’ve held in the ag industry plus a brief stint in financial management.  The ag jobs included areas of crop consulting, extension, sales and marketing, agronomy technical support and research.  Geographies included South Dakota, west-central Minnesota, and southeast Nebraska.

Through the years I have developed a great appreciation for sustainable agriculture.  The evolution of my home area from hit and miss crop production to what it is now with fairly consistent crop yields and abundant wildlife is a prime example of the positive impact from well managed diversely cropped no-till systems.  I have never passed on an opportunity to promote sustainable/regenerative practices, often referring to this area in example.

It is good to be back and to have the opportunity to focus full-time on protecting our resources while improving productivity and profitability.  I will look forward to working with you.


Contact Information:

Office-Gettysburg USDA-NRCS Field Office

(402) 631-1100