Vacancy Announcement

Soil Health Technician

Assigned to South Dakota Soil Health Coalition


OVERVIEW: Soil Health Technicians are needed to assist with providing direct services to the public throughout South Dakota, promoting improved soil health. The Soil Health Technician will directly promote, provide and develop services that will support the five principles of soil health. The Soil Health Technician must be self-motivated and able to work independently and as a member of a team. Consideration will be given for a combination of education and experience directly related to the soil health principles. Strong communication skills with producers, partners, and coworkers are essential. An agricultural background is preferred. In addition, he or she should be proficient in the tools necessary for demonstrating (i.e. rainfall simulators) and measuring various soil health parameters with an emphasis on when and where these tools are applicable. The technician should also be familiar with providing conservation practice alternatives to producers with an emphasis on soil health parameters that change as practices are included or excluded from a management plan. The technician will provide a direct link between producers and/or landowners and their local conservation offices following conservation implementation. Grant funding for this position is currently available for approximately three (3) years; additional funding is contingent on the success and accomplishments of the project per the assigned work plan. This is a field-based position that will require a flexible work schedule and regular travel within SD. Annual salary range is dependent upon experience. Work station and schedule are negotiable; paid personal leave, retirement (IRA), single person health insurance, and supplemental insurances are provided as benefits by the Association.




Submit application to:

SD Soil Health Coalition

Cindy Zenk, Coordinator

43968 139th Street

Webster, SD 57274