Improving Grass Production & Protecting Native Species With Mob Grazing


Grazing to maintain the health of native grasses is an important strategy for ranchers in South Dakota, and for Charlie Totton, learning how to manage his grasslands has been a key tool which has allowed him to improve the health of his soil and operation as a whole. Totton ranches in Brule County with his wife Tanya. Their seedstock/cow calf operation is located…..

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Maximize Living Roots


What do I do now….decisions are being determined that will not only effect 2019 crops but future crops as well. Whether a cash or cover crop, a living root will promote soil biology to benefit subsequent crops, reduce erosion, and cycle water and other nutrients. Keeping a living root, one of the five principles of soil health should encourage the direction of the decision . Living plants harvest sunlight and fix carbon dioxide from the air, producing….

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Flagship Farmers Inspire Change


Sustainability is a mindset that drives continuous improvement. Almost everyone involved in agriculture carries a great respect for the work and effort of previous generations – for farmers and livestock producers from generational farms, these are parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. But every generation seizes its own opportunities to improve and drive progress. Todays farmers, ranchers, producers and…..

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Whether The Weather


As spring arrived like a lion, many are dealing with additional hurdles to overcome. Flooded soils create significant challenges for agricultural lands. As the water recedes on otherwise productive soils, steps to bring the area to a plant able state include…..

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