Maximize Living Roots


What do I do now….decisions are being determined that will not only effect 2019 crops but future crops as well. Whether a cash or cover crop, a living root will promote soil biology to benefit subsequent crops, reduce erosion, and cycle water and other nutrients. Keeping a living root, one of the five principles of soil health should encourage the direction of the decision . Living plants harvest sunlight and fix carbon dioxide from the air, producing….

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Whether The Weather


As spring arrived like a lion, many are dealing with additional hurdles to overcome. Flooded soils create significant challenges for agricultural lands. As the water recedes on otherwise productive soils, steps to bring the area to a plant able state include…..

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Flagship Farmers Inspire Change


Sustainability is a mindset that drives continuous improvement. Almost everyone involved in agriculture carries a great respect for the work and effort of previous generations – for farmers and livestock producers from generational farms, these are parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. But every generation seizes its own opportunities to improve and drive progress. Todays farmers, ranchers, producers and…..

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