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Soil Health Awareness Day 2/21/20
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Soil Health, It Matters!

-Agriculture is the economic driver of South Dakota, contributing 132,105 jobs, 11.2 billon dollars in total value added, and 32.5 billion dollars in total output.

-Farmers and ranchers have seen a need to increase awareness of the importance of our soilsas a state resource, promoting management practices that increase its health and productivity.

-Healthy soil can create many advantages including improving water infiltration and retention to better manage the effects of flood or drought, filtering and cleaning water that moves through it, decreasing soil loss due to erosion by wind or water.

News Release

S.D. Governor Noem Proclaims Feb 21 is Soil Health Awareness Day

PIERRE, S.D.- Improving soil health is a mission many South Dakotan’s take seriously, including Governor Kristi Noem, proclaiming February 21 Soil Health Awareness Day in South Dakota. “South Dakota’s farmers and ranchers are deeply committed to stewardship,” Noem said. “Soil health is a crucial component to ensuring the land that grows our food remains productive for future generations.”

Soil Health Awareness Day provides an opportunity for all South Dakotan’s to learn about the need for, and benefits of soil health, explains Cindy Zenk, Coordinator of the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition (SDSHC). “Soil health matters. No matter what your occupation or where you live in South Dakota, its health impacts you,” explained Zenk, who works with hundreds of farmers and ranchers to advocate for the importance of the irreplaceable natural resource. “Healthy soil supports food production and water quality, topics which are of great importance especially this year and will be for many years to come. Healthy soil supports wildlife economic stability and profitability and much more.. Soil truly is the foundation of life.”

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Soil Health, It Matters To Everyone!

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