2021 Soil Health Conference: Make improved soil health one of your resolutions

Dec 1, 2020

A new year is just around the corner, and it’s time to think about some new resolutions. If you’ve resolved to help improve soil health, then the 2021 Soil Health Conference, Jan. 6-7, has just the information you need to get started!

This year’s conference will be held virtually using a digital tool called Whova which will allow for a full schedule of speaker sessions, awards, producer panels, and time to engage with speakers and sponsors. The Whova platform also includes an app for your mobile device, so you can join in the fun no matter where you are!

You’ll hear from Dr. Rattan Lal, who received the 2020 World Food Prize for developing and mainstreaming a soil-centric approach to increasing food production that restores and conserves natural resources and mitigates climate change.

Oklahoma farmer and rancher Jimmy Emmons will explain how he uses a 9-crop rotation, cover crops and livestock to help his soil withstand Mother Nature’s extremes. Iowa farmer and innovator Loran Steinlage will discuss how he builds equipment to plant cover crops.

Nebraska agronomist Dale Strickler will go over some of the finer details of growing cover crops, and South Dakota’s own Nick Jorgensen of Jorgensen Land and Cattle will cover the economics of soil health practices and how to use a virtual fence when grazing cattle.

One of the best features of the conference will be the chance to ask questions from a panel of the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition Board of Directors, a group of producers dedicated to improving their soils, increasing the profitability of their operations, and preserving the land for the next generation of producers. These farmers and ranchers have the real-world experience to help you avoid mistakes as you undertake your own soil health journey!

All of this information will have you motivated to start making changes and increasing your operational sustainability in the new year!

Students can register for the conference for free, and there will be activities for them with prizes to be won! The $25 conference registration includes opportunity to become a 2021 member of the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition if desired.

Lifetime and 2021 paid members of the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition can also register for free.

Registering for the conference is easy. Click here to get started. Once registered, you’ll receive e-mail instructions on how to log into Whova or download the Whova app to begin your Soil Health Conference Experience!

For more information, contact the SDSHC at 605-280-4190 or