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Five Principles of Soil Health

South Dakota Healthy Soils Handbook

This book is your guide to soil health principles, practices and options for your operation. If you want to learn more about soil and find advice on how to implement good soil health practices, the South Dakota Healthy Soils Handbook is just what you need. You can read and download the entire book here. For the best viewing experience, we recommend the following web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox. If you would like a hard copy of the book, please contact the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition.

Mentor Network

Interested in talking to another producer or technical experts about how they have used soil health practices? Take a look at this network of individuals willing to mentor and answer your questions! Giving Advice, Finding Solutions, and Building Connections for Healthier Soil, Healthier Crops, Healthier Livestock, and Healthier People.

Soil Health Planning and Improvement Project

This project offers financial and technical assistance to producers willing to adopt certain soil health management practices for land within specific watershed areas in South Dakota.

Soil Health Assessment Card – English and Spanish

The South Dakota Soil Health Coalition has created a Soil Health Assessment Card which agricultural producers of all types, ranchers, gardeners, and others can utilize on site to assess their current level of soil health. Download the current version of the card, and utilize it in one of your fields, or production areas today! Contact us if you would like a Soil Health Technician to visit with you about your results or assist you in completing the card.

Grazing Cover Crops Worksheet

Use this worksheet to caculate the available forage in a given acreage of cover crops and the number of days it can be grazed.

News & Events

Bus tour to feature soil health, conservation practices

Bus tour to feature soil health, conservation practices

PIERRE, SD – A two-day bus tour beginning in Spink County on Aug. 3 is sure to appeal to people with an interest in soil health, conservation practices and regenerative agriculture. The tour will visit Menoken Farm, a conservation demonstration farm near Bismarck, ND,...

Workshop to help producers manage saline soils

Workshop to help producers manage saline soils

PIERRE, SD – Many producers have unproductive areas in their fields due to saline or sodic soils. If not managed correctly, those areas cost producers money and can grow larger over time. On July 28, the Opportunities for Saline Cropland workshop will be held near...

Soil Health School: Changing farms, changing lives

Soil Health School: Changing farms, changing lives

By Stan Wise South Dakota Soil Health Coalition It’s hard to know which events will change the course of a person’s life. For Austin Carlson, one of those events was Soil Health School. In 2018, a neighbor invited him and his father to attend the 3-day School. Now,...