South Dakota Soil Health Coalition releases new children’s book

Dec 7, 2020

Just in time for the holidays, the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition (SDSHC) has released the perfect stocking stuffer for kids – a fun, educational and agriculturally accurate children’s book titled, “The Soil Quilt.”

Geared for third graders, “The Soil Quilt” uses the metaphor of a patchwork quilt that layers the planet to explain how a healthy soil covers the landscape.

“SDSHC did a survey with vocational ag teachers and students, and one of the take-aways was that the earlier we start teaching students about soil health, the greater impact it will have,” SDSHC Coordinator Cindy Zenk said. “So we decided to create a book to help children learn about the importance of soil to our lives and our communities. We hope children will learn that what happens in the soil not only produces our food but also creates the diverse landscape we enjoy, strengthens our families, and builds our communities.”

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