SD Soil Health Coalition and Millborn Seeds donate books to schools and libraries in South Dakota

Jan 15, 2021

The South Dakota Soil Health Coalition and Millborn Seeds are partnering to donate copies of “The Soil Quilt” to every school and library in the state.

“The Soil Quilt” is a new children’s book published by Ag Storytellers and the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition. Written by Amanda Radke and illustrated by Michelle Weber, the book uses the metaphor of a patchwork quilt that layers the planet to explain how a healthy soil covers the landscape.

With a glossary of vocabulary words and a hands-on learning activity designed for educators, “The Soil Quilt” is an excellent tool to launch discussions both at home and in the classroom about the importance of agriculture and soil health and their connection to rural life. Weber’s fantastic illustrations breathe life into Radke’s touching story about a New York City boy who visits his grandmother’s farm in South Dakota for a summer and learns how healthy soils support healthy communities.

“The mission of the SDSHC is to promote improved soil health,” South Dakota Soil Health Coalition Coordinator Cindy Zenk said. “We hope young readers will enjoy this story and become passionate about the life beneath our feet and the impact it provides.”

The South Dakota Soil Health Coalition works closely with the South Dakota Association of Conservation Districts, the South Dakota Grassland Coalition, and U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service South Dakota on the day-to-day activities of educating others about conservation agriculture, and this collaboration aided in bringing “The Soil Quilt” to print.

With the generous financial support of Millborn Seeds, the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition will make sure that elementary schools and community libraries in South Dakota receive copies of the book in 2021 so that children can learn the importance of good land stewardship at an early age.

“At Millborn Seeds, we are dedicated to leading a land use movement by promoting conservation practices and soil health,” Millborn Seeds President Matt Fenske said. “We understand the importance of educating today’s youth on what it means to take care of the land and preserve the resources we have, as well as the benefits of reading from a young age. For these reasons, we are excited to partner with South Dakota Soil Health Coalition and Ag Storytellers to bring ‘The Soil Quilt’ to the next generation.”

For more information, visit or contact the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition at or 605-280-4190.