Gov. Noem Proclaims Feb. 13-19 Soil Health Awareness Week

Feb 10, 2022

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has proclaimed Feb. 13-19, 2022, to be Soil Health Awareness Week.

Agriculture is South Dakota’s most important industry, contributing 129,753 jobs, 11.7 billon dollars in total value added, and 32.1 billion dollars in total output. This economic driver for the state relies on healthy soil to function properly.

Farmers and ranchers have seen a need to increase awareness of the importance of our soils as a state resource, promoting management practices that increase its health and productivity. Healthy soil can create many advantages including improving water infiltration and retention to better manage the effects of flood or drought, filtering and cleaning water that moves through it, and decreasing soil loss due to erosion by wind or water.

To help others understand that soil health affects many aspects of our lives and our communities, SDSHC will highlight one of the different soil health principles—soil cover, limited disturbance, living roots, diversity, and livestock integration—each work day of this week. On Feb. 17, SDHSHC staff and Board members will be at the Capitol in Pierre to answer legislators’ questions about soil health. SDSHC members are invited to join us! A meal will be served 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in the Rotunda with presentations by Johnathon Neuharth and Brian Johnson!

The goal of the week is to help spread awareness of the importance of soil health and build community support for the adoption of soil health practices by producers, landowners, and homeowners.

You can help!

Below are some resources you can use to help spread soil health awareness throughout the week. Share these with your friends, family, and neighbors!

Feb. 14 – Soil Cover

Feb. 15 – Limited Disturbance

Feb. 16 – Living Roots

Feb. 17 – Maximize Diversity

Feb. 18 – Integrate Livestock

Soil Health Graphics

Download these graphics that highlight some of the many ways soil health affects our lives and share them on social media throughout Soil Health Awareness Week!


Governor’s Proclamation