Soil Health Assessment and Cover Crop Grazing Calculator mobile apps now available

Sep 20, 2022

The South Dakota Soil Health Coalition is proud to announce that the Soil Health Assessment Card and Cover Crop Grazing Worksheet are now available as mobile apps!

With the Soil Health Assessment App, users can input information about the practices used on each of their fields to receive and record a soil health score based on the information provided! This allows producers to get a baseline assessment of their soil health and identify ways to improve it! With this app, users can keep the information handy and update it as changes in land management improve soil health conditions! To download this app, search for “Soil Health Assessment App” in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store!

With the online and mobile Cover Crop Grazing Calculator, users can calculate the available forage to determine how much forage is available in a cover crop and how long to graze their livestock on a set area of the field! This calculator can be downloaded as an app for a mobile device, or it can be used with a web browser. This calculator is ONLY available at