Board of Directors

Candice Mizera

Terms Served: 2018-2019 Board Member, 2023- Vice Chairman

Candice Mizera, SD Soil Health Coalition (SDSHC) Board Member since 2018, lives near McLaughlin, South Dakota where she farms and ranches with her husband Bob and family.

Goals that Candice has for her operation include building resiliency into the soil system and people by rejuvenating biology, replenishing organic matter and increasing water holding capacity and retention. It is important to her that she leaves a legacy of healthy people and soil while working to create a viable business with intact family roots and an improved community. Shedding some traditions while maintaining others, all while building faith, patience, teamwork, trust, dedication, fun and purpose!

Feature Articles and Video

Our Amazing Grasslands ~ Mizera Family, McLaughlin, SD

Published on July 1, 2021

Produced by the SD Grassland Coalition and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service South Dakota.