Board of Directors

Cutler Michalski

Youth Advisor Terms Served: Beginning May 2021-

Other Organizations You Are Involved In:
I was involved in 4-H and FFA in highschool.

Educational Background:
I graduated from Willow Lake High School in 2019. I am currently majoring in agricultural systems technology and minoring in animal science at South Dakota State University.

Type of Farming/Ranching Operation:

I come from a fourth-generation farming and ranching family. My parents are Darin and Jessica Michalski. Today we have a 350 cow/calf operation, and we background our calves to 900 pounds. Our cropping system includes a no-till rotation of corn, soybeans, oats, alfalfa, and cover crops.

Soil Health Practices Used:

The soil health practices that I am most familiar with are no till, cover crops, and planting cropland back to pasture. My plans to work with soil health and conservation practices include increasing our usage of cover crops, intercropping, planting more cropland back to pasture.

My goals for soil health and agriculture in South Dakota include informing more producers about soil health and working with them to find practices that best fit their operation as well as increasing my own soil health.