Board of Directors

Dennis Hoyle

Terms Served: 2015-2017, 2018-2020 Chairman, 2020-2023

Dennis Hoyle was a founding member and former chairman of the SDSHC Board of Directors. He attended Black Hills State, Northern State, and South Dakota State. Additionally he currently serves as an Edmunds County Commissioner, Advisor for the Edmunds County Conservation District, as well as a member of both the Edmunds County Predator Control District Board and Five County Translator District Board. Hoyle’s agricultural operation includes raising cow calf pairs, finishing grass fed beef, some grain farming as well as wild pheasant hunting.

As a passionate soil health advocate Hoyle utilizes No-Till, rotational grazing, cover crops, and works to integrate livestock grazing onto cropland.

Hoyle’s goals for the future of soil health as well as his own operation include “Producing a product that provides a living while also improving the resource. To return my land to where it was before the plow. To encourage and help others to do the same and spread the word about the value of healthy soil.”

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Published on Nov 14, 2016

Produced by the SD Association of Conservation Districts and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service South Dakota.
Helping People Help the Land

Dennis Hoyle
Edmunds County Conservation District

Published in April 2021

Written by Melissa Hemken for Working Ranch magazine.