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Cindy Zenk


Agriculture and the impact it has to everyone was introduced to me first by my dad, who always worked hard to provide for his family. Although the greatest influence in my life has been my husband, Fred. Our goal to share the importance of agriculture to our children and now grandchildren carries through to people in Day County and South Dakota. Promoting agronomy, land and range judging to the 4H and FFA students; providing workshops, field days, and test plots all increase the awareness of agriculture. Continuing to achieve the awareness of agriculture in South Dakota brings forth challenges, but also successes.

Currently on a day to day basis, opportunities arise to learn from producers what they need to leave their operations better than when they started and stay sustainable. Soil to me is the Soul of Agriculture. Just as in our faith we strive to keep our soul healthy, I carry that through to agriculture by promoting improved soil health. Soil is the facet in agriculture vital for sustainability; keeping our soil as productive as possible in order to keep our families farming. South Dakota Soil Health Coalition is directed by a nine member board of farmers and ranchers, and I am proud to work with them to carry out our mission of Improved Soil Health.

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43968 139th St., Webster, SD, 57274
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