South Dakota Profiles In Soil Health

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The SD Profiles In Soil Health videos were created to promote the use and adoption of soil health practices throughout the state of South Dakota. Their creation was organized by the SD Soil Health Coalition through a grant with USDA-NRCS SD and features farmers and ranchers sharing their firsthand experiences with adopting and utilizing these practices on their operations.

Map Legend: Videos Filmed In 2017 (Blue Pins), Videos Filmed In 2018 (Red Pins), Videos Filmed In 2019 (Green Pins)

Profiles in Soil Health1Cycle Farm, With Trish Jenkins & Jeremy Smith
Profiles In Soil Health2"Building A Resilient Soil" With Jordan Reimnitz
Profiles In Soil Health3"Transitioning To No-Till" With Jared Questad
Profiles In Soil Health4"Benefits of Cover Cropping Systems" With Trevor and Kristy Zantow
Profiles In Soil Health5"Benefits of Perennial Grass Systems" With Scott Kolousek
Profiles In Soil Health6"Grazing Management To Produce & Protect" With Charlie Totton
Profiles In Soil Health7"A Systems Approach" With Gene & Craig Stehly
Profiles In Soil Health8"No-Till Gardening" With Donna Adrian
Profiles In Soil Health9"Preventing Wind Erosion & Capturing Moisture" With Chris Grubl
Profiles In Soil Health10"Crop Diversity & Livestock Integration" With Jesse Hall
Profiles In Soil Health11"Feeding The Cattle Above & Below Ground" With Andrew Snyder
Profiles In Soil Health12"Managing For Healthy Soil & Wildlife" With Terry & Mary Ness
Profiles In Soil Health13Levi & Crystal Neuharth, Fort Pierre, SD
Profiles In Soil Health14Dennis & Jean Fagerland, Langford, SD
Profiles In Soil Health15David & Nancy Kruger, Milbank, SD
Profiles In Soil Health16Don & Trista, Nickelson, Frederick, SD
Profiles In Soil Health17Mark & Elisa Misar, Scotland, SD

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Building a tradition of diversity and soil health

Building a tradition of diversity and soil health

When David Neuharth started his 3Y3 Ranch in the 1980s near Hayes, SD, he noticed a trend among area producers. “Everything in this country and in Stanley County around in the area was pretty much a 50-50 deal,” David said. “Half summer fallow … and the other half was...