Building Connections

Giving Advice, Finding Solutions, and Building Connections for Healthier Soil, Healthier Crops, Healthier Livestock, and Healthier People.


The South Dakota Conservation Mentor Network was organized because people saw a need for the sharing of real on farm/ranch experiences with application of science-based conservation practices and systems. South Dakota has a unique climate with a variety of ecosystems that encompass more than 650 different soil types, fluctuating precipitation, and geography as well as land uses. It can be challenging to successfully manage that landscape for healthy and productive natural resources with a positive bottom line.

When land owners or operators have a Resource Concern* or want to enhance their operation, they can get free one-on-one, personalized advice from the Natural Resources Conservation Service on the best solutions to meet the unique conservation and business goals of those who grow our nation’s food and fiber.

Many factors can influence the long-term success of applying conservation in the landscape. With that in mind, no one knows better than the ag producers themselves of how to make things work. The South Dakota Mentor Network is a partnership effort of several entities to help connect ag producers who could help each other save time and money by sharing their experiences. Mentor-mentee roles are a relationship where people share knowledge, advice and resources, and provide a stable supportive relationship. Mentors will help guide producers through their specific topics.

This free service, the Mentor Network, is available to anyone by contacting your local Natural Resources
Conservation Service, Conservation District, the South Dakota Grassland Coalition (SDGC) or the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition (SDSHC).


A newly updated version of the “Building Connections” Mentor Network publication is now available. Request your copy of the booklet today!

Please call Cindy Zenk, Coordinator for the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition, (605) 280-4190 or email